Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are our fees?

Our fees vary by County/Region and building size: 


 0 -               1,000                $495

 1,001   -   1,500                $525

 1,501  -   2,000                $575

 2,001   -   2,500                $625

 2,501   -   3,000                $675

Manufactured Home   $400     (Double Wide only - ADD $50 for triple wide coach)

If multiple building are present or the structures are greater than 3,000 square fee in size, please call for a quote.


 0   -             2,000                 $425

 2,001   -   2,500                 $450

 2,501   -   3,000                 $495


Manufactured Home   $400    (Double Wide only - ADD $50 for triple wide coach)

If multiple building are present or the structures are greater than 3,000 square feet, please call for a quote.

We charge additional fees for detached buildings, please call for a quote.   However, please note any and all ancillary structures can be left out of the inspection at the clients request.


Condominiums are about $75 less than above quoted fees, however all condominiums are different as some involve crawling under the building which adds time and cost.  Please call for a Quote.

Post Inspection (additional site visit) Consultation Fee - $175.00 (Napa, Sonoma & Solano County only)-Includes 1 hour on site total.

For Commercial Inspection please call for a quote.

Q: Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry a $1,000,000 Errors & Omission Insurance policy. This is a key insurance for property inspectors.  Please be sure that whomever you select to inspect your home they are covered by sufficient Errors & Omission Insurance.

Q: How long will the site inspection last?

A thorough site inspection requires about 2.5 to 3 hours for homes up to 2,500 square feet.   Homes greater than 2,500 Sq Ft. will likely require 4 hours or more, depending on the size and design of the home.

Q: When is the written report available?

24 hours after the site inspection.   We send the report electronically using a PDF. file.

Q: Is the inspection a pass/fail inspection?

No, our inspection is to describe the condition of the home on the day of the inspection.

Q: When is payment due?

We require full payment, in the form of a personal check or credit or debit card at the completion of the site inspection, unless a different arrangement is agreed upon prior.

Q: How long have you been in the business of property inspection?

I have been professionally inspecting homes and commercial properties full time since 1995 and have inspected more than 6,500 structures during that time.

Q: What does the site inspection include?

We inspect the buildings structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems; we report health and safety concerns, symptoms of non-performance, improper installation and non-function of components. 

Our inspection and report exceed the “Standards of Practice” of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), available on line at   ASHI is the oldest and we believe most respected home inspection group in the country and their standards include adherence to the ASHI “Code of Ethics”  which can be found on line as well.  

We, like other private building inspectors, do not provide "code" inspections.  Local building departments conduct code inspections.  It should be noted the building "code" represents the minimum building standard acceptable by law.

We access under and building and inside the attic, whenever possible, for inspection of the foundation, floor framing, roof framing as well as other building components in these areas.  We report on the presence of insulation and the necessary ventilation of these spaces and we report any health or safety concerns we may find.

In our area earthquakes can cause building damage, as such we  inspect for seismic (earthquake) components and report on their presence or absence.

Exterior siding, trim, eaves, doors, windows and decks (if present) are inspected.  We inspect "flat work", which includes the driveway as well as any patios, decks, stairs and walkways adjacent to the building.   We inspect the building site for proper drainage and we inspect the garage.

We will call out obvious areas of wood damage or deterioration, but we are not pest inspectors and cannot comment, by law, on conditions specifically relating to wood destroying organism or wood destroying insect activity and their remediation.  We always recommend a separate pest control inspection be performed.  

Electrical system components are inspected; we typically open all electrical panels (as long as they are deemed safe to access). We inspect a representative sampling of receptacles, switches and lights and inspect the grounding system where visible and the overhead head conductors from the utility provider, when present. 

The plumbing system is inspected, where visible, and we include the drain, waste and vent piping, water and gas delivery pipe, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and the water heater.  The main sewer lateral is always buried and inaccessible for inspection and should be inspected separately by a qualified professional using a submersible camera. 

Heating and cooling systems are tested using their thermostat.  If air ducting is present we inspect it where visible and accessible.  Window mounted air cooling units are not inspected. 

We access the roof and inspect the roof surface, gutters and downspouts. 

Many other building components are inspected, including but not limited to doors, windows, stairs, railings, counter tops, cabinets, laundry area facilities and ceiling fans.  Kitchen appliances are inspected for basic function only, thus we recommend obtaining a home warranty that will provide coverage for kitchen appliances.

Q: Should the client attend the inspection?

The client is highly encouraged to attend the inspection.   Attendance at the beginning of the inspection is welcome but because our clients tend to be busy people many choose to attend the last hour or so of the inspection.  At the end of the inspection I will walk the client through the property discussing the conditions observed and provide options for remediation so they will have a better understanding of what to expect when they receive the written report.

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